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Hiking, Biking, and Horseback Riding in Show Low

Have you always thought Arizona was just a desert?

Nestled here in the high country of the White Mountains is the largest stand of Ponderosa pines in the U.S. Rugged cliffs, mountains and canyons, pines and aspen, wildlife, and lakes make this a hiking and biking paradise. Our mountains and valleys provide a natural terrain for elk, deer, bear, beaver, trout, eagle, hawks, and so much more.

Hiking, Biking, Horseback Riding in Three Forks (image)

A full trail system is in place, providing areas where you can go for an easy walk or for the more adventurous, a strenuous, heart-pumping hike.

The White Mountains trail system consists of twenty-five to thirty interconnecting, multi-use trail loops ranging from the community of Vernon on the eastern edge and stretching to the community of Clay Springs to the west.

TRACKS trail members have created a website for trail information including maps of our area. Bring your walking stick—winter, spring, summer, fall—we have it all!

For more information, you should also visit the Arizona State Parks’ website for information on the Arizona Trails Program.

Before participating in activities on any Native American lands, please check their rules and regulations at the White Mountain Apache Tribe Wildlife and Outdoor Recreation website.

Please keep in mind:

  • White Mountain Trail system trails are marked with blue diamonds
  • Trail users are reminded to follow multi-use trail etiquette and show courtesy to all users
  • Pets must be on a leash of no more than 6′ when on the trails or in camp areas
  • Pet owners must clean up their pet’s waste and deposit in trash receptacles
  • All downhill traffic must yield to uphill traffic
  • All users must yield to saddle stock (horses and mules)
  • Bicyclists must yield to all other trail users
  • Leave the area in as good or better condition than you found it
  • Tread lightly and leave no trace; avoid wet or muddy trails and pack out litter

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