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How much does is cost to be a member of a chamber?

Membership dues in chambers of commerce are usually predicated upon the size of your company. You will see chambers calculate a company size with several different methods; everything from annual revenue to number of employees. Here at the Show Low Chamber we assess dues based upon type of company and number of employees. The fee structure will range anywhere from $100 – $1000 depending on these factors.

Is it really worth it to be a member of a chamber?

The short answer is YES!—if you are going to be involved. Many people join their local chamber and then expect their phone number will ring off the hook. The chamber will send you referrals, but there’s more to it than just that. Membership in a chamber of commerce is an opportunity; and a good chamber offers you many to get involved and promote your company. This is a key advantage of membership. So, join. Get involved. Take advantage of the many opportunities your local chamber provides.

Are chamber dues annual?

Yes. The amount is an annual due, however if you are interested in semi-annual or quarterly we can accommodate special billing requests.

What is included with my membership?

The chamber offers several different benefits. Different businesses are suited to take advantage of different types of benefits.

Standard Membership benefits

Website—All members are listed alphabetically in up to three categories in our online Membership Directory. Each member is also provided a personalized member page, which displays pertinent company information. All new members are recognized for the current year of joining in our New Members online feature.

Printed Membership Directory—All members are listed alphabetically in up to three categories and alphabetically in our printed Show Low Chamber of Commerce Member Directory with an annual publication of up to 10,000 copies distributed throughout the year.

Chamber Calendar—Promote and communicate your upcoming business events in the online Chamber Events calendar.

Weekly Chamber Blast—A promotional email is sent to several hundred subscribers highlighting the Chamber and Members’ upcoming events.

Hot Deals—Offer discounts on your goods and services in our website’s Hot Deals section and highlighted in the weekly blast email to all subscribers to increase and grow your business.

Lobby Display—Promote your business by placing your fliers and business cards in our lobby for visitors, and current and relocating residents. You can reach up to 1,000 people monthly!

Referrals—We refer Show Low Chamber of Commerce members to hundreds of callers and visitors every month who request information on where to go for goods and services.

Chamber B&E—As a new member, you will have the opportunity
to record a short video at your business to highlight and promote your company and products or services. The video will be aired on Show Low TV for 2 weeks.

Membership Database—Save time with an electronic list of members’ addresses ready for your mailings. The cost is minimal and this benefit is not offered to non-Chamber members.

Ribbon Cutting—New businesses who join and are opening a business or having a grand opening are invited to schedule a ribbon cutting in order to promote your new status.

Participation and Sponsorship Opportunities—Chamber members have the privilege to promote their company name and market their company’s goods and services through participation and/or sponsorship opportunities at Chamber
events throughout the year, including:

  • Annual Banquet Auction & Dinner
  • Business after Hours
  • Show Low Days
  • Chamber Breakfasts
  • Leadership White Mountains
  • Open House
  • Business Expo
  • Ribbon Cuttin
  • Cakes & Cocktails
  • Chamber B&E

What is President's Club?

President’s Club is for those chamber members who desire more benefit opportunities than the standard benefits. The benefit package totals approximately $1700 in value and is offered as a package price of only $300. For additional information, please contact the chamber directly.

President’s Club Benefits

In addition to all of the chamber’s Standard Membership benefits, President’s Club Members increase their business’s exposure with these additional benefits:

Additional Directory listing—listed in up to four separate categories within the website and printed directories, which includes a highlighted President’s Club listing.

Home Page Scrolling Banner—President’s Club members’ logos are displayed in rotation on the front page of the website for increased exposure and promotion.

Member Page—Your member page can be linked to your company’s website or Facebook page.

Annual Report Publication—Your member listing highlighted in the Annual Report.

Special Recognition—Special recognition will be given to all President’s Club members at the Annual Banquet & Auction Dinner and many other chamber events.

President’s Club Sign—A sign with all of the President’s Club Members is displayed at chamber events as well as inside the chamber lobby.

President’s Club Table Display—A place for your business’s information on an exclusive President’s Club table at select Chamber events.

Membership Database—Save time with an electronic list of members’ addresses ready for your mailings. This benefit is not offered to non-chamber members and is FREE for President’s Club members.

Discounts—Participate as a vendor at our major chamber events and receive discounts. In addition, receive one free ticket for the Annual Banquet & Auction Dinner.

WMBORT—Invitations are extended to President’s Club members to attend special speaking engagements.

Relocation Information—Receive a list of people requesting relocation information.

Relocation & Vacation Packets—Include your business’s information in mailed relocation and vacation packets (you provide your company’s designated brochures to the chamber for inclusion in the packets at no charge).


Show Low Chamber of Commerce

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Hours of Operation

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